About my self

My name is Chris and I am from just out side of Chester. I have been involved in reptiles for around 9 years. I was first fascinated by them when I visited my local shop. I did not notice it at the time but it soon to become a job for me. a year after starting at the shop I was starting to give a little advice to people who were starting off in to reptiles. One of the problems I had though is I had no actual experience in keeping the animals. I could only give advice from what I had learnt and had been reading in books and from problem solving in the shop. After working at the shop for a year I decided to put my skills and experience to the test and bought a Leopard Gecko. Using my own methods I found keeping Leopard Geckos easy and soon decided to buy more reptiles ( the bug bit me) and since then I have been keeping and breeding several species of reptiles.